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Although accustomed to being with wild animals, the workers at Pittwater veterinary hospital gasped when this giant lizard was brought in.

This was the first paragraph of an article in today’s 澳洲新快报 (New Australian Newspaper), a Chinese language newspaper based in Sydney.

The article goes on to describe how a woman noticed the 1.2 meter, 3.45 kilogram reptile, which was looking sick after swallowing a fish hook. She brought it in to the hospital, where it underwent surgery. I chose this story because it is quite unusual. It’s not unusual in that a woman found a sick animal, but finding one that big is definitely strange!

Only after being away for so long have I noticed how much wildlife we have in Australia. It’s common to see spiders and ants around, but you also regularly see pelicans, ibises, bats, seagulls, and other kinds of animals. I found a snake in my cousin’s front yard. It scared the life out of me! When, in a panic, I told him about, he didn’t seem to be surprised. His response was “yeah, didn’t you know?”.

Anyway, enough about Australian wildlife!

The sentence I have quoted uses a very common sentence pattern. 虽然。。。,但。。。(suī rán…, dàn…). It roughly translates as “although <something>, <something>”. It’s used very often.

Here are some more examples. The first is a condensed, easy version of the original sentence quoted above.

Although used to being with animals, the Pittwater workers still gasped when seeing this lizard.

Although I’m young, I’m really smart.

Although I’m fat, I’m still healthy.

Although I read it many times, I still don’t understand (it).

I hope you don’t have occasion to use that last sentence in your studies. And I hope you know what to do when you see a giant lizard in an Australian drain.


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