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As a response to a story about a woman running out on a Japanese man after only 3 days of marriage, 钱烈宪 has written a funny sendup. He has named it 一个女人和很多个男人的故事 OR The story of a woman and several men. [CN]

It tells the (fake) story of the former boyfriends of 安小姐 ān xiǎo jiě or “Miss ān”. Her (first) former boyfriend tells us about himself:

我身高1.80M 月收入4000元,还有一辆电动车
I’m 1.80 meters tall, earn 4000元 a month, and I have an electric bike.

He continues to say that even though he has all these things, he loses 安小姐 to a Japanese man (the man in the actual story).

The next paragraph is from the point of view of the Japanese man, who stole 安小姐 from him, but was married to her for only 3 days. He also tells us his height, monthly wage, and the vehicle he drives.

Although he is shorter than 安小姐’s (first) ex-boyfriend, he makes more money and drives a better car. But he has a similar story; after three days of marriage 安小姐 was stolen by a 沙特阿拉伯 (Saudi Arabian). Unfortunately for the Japanese guy, the Saudi has more money, even though he is shorter again.

And so it goes on. The Saudi is upstaged by an even shorter, richer man, who is upstaged by another shorter man…

Have a look and see how much you can follow. There are a lot of difficult parts, but since it’s quite repetitive the intermediate learner might find it useful. Here are some words you might find useful:

  • 身高 shēn gāo: Height
  • 收入 shōu rù: Income
  • qiǎng: To steal, to grab

You might have to search around the story for the instances of 抢. Here are some to get you started:

。。。把我的女朋友就抢去了 。。。
…stole my girlfriend away…

I’m the little Japanese who stole your girlfriend and ran…

But I’d only stolen your girlfriend for a few days, (when)…

Good luck! And if you have any problems, leave a comment!


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